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VeloComms deliver Bonded Broadband products and services to business clients across the UK

What is Bonded Broadband?

Bonded Broadband is the combining of multiple broadband lines to provide a single high-speed, high-bandwidth connection. 

A variety of technologies including xDSLFTTCEFM and Ethernet can be used.

Graphic showing benefits of bonded broadband

Speed  / Bandwidth

Bonded Broadband provides resilient, scalable, cost-effective bandwidth, quickly and easily. It is ideal for any business that requires Fast Internet Access, uses VoIP or Cloud applications or needs High-Speed Office-to-Office Connectivity.

Where fibre broadband is unavailable bond multiple ADSL broadband lines to achieve comparable speeds. Where fibre lines are available bond them for blisteringly fast performance!

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Reduce Cost






We offer a monthly subscription service for up to 6 lines or dedicated Bonded Broadband Routers suitable for between 2 and 12 Lines.

We have a portfolio of Microsoft 365 Cloud applications and VoIP products that complement our Bonded Broadband services. These help reduce IT costs and complexity and deliver flexibility and scalability to any business.

Contact one of our experts today and see how Bonded Broadband can benefit your business.