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Broadband Bonding

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Broadband Bonding

What is broadband bonding? It's the combination of multiple broadband lines to create a single, high-speed connection

  • Multiple Line Types

  • Multiple ISP's

  • Wired & Wireless

Broadband Bonding Router

  • Single Bonded Connection

  • Aggregated Bandwith

  • Greater Reliability & Resilience

Key Benefits Of Broadband Bonding

​Broadband bonding is great for the following applications:

  • Suitable for businesses of any size

  • Achieve Leaseline style speeds without the cost or lead times

  • Increased bandwidth = higher speed

  • Improved reliability

  • Increased productivity

  • Ability to deploy VoIP and Cloud Applications

  • Cost reduction

  • Flexibility – add bandwidth when needed.

  • Use existing broadband lines and just add more!

  • Works with any UK broadband provider

  • Combine many connection types including - ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+ / FTTC / FTTP / G.FAST / Ultrafast / EFM / Leased Lines / MPLS / 4G / 5G / satellite etc.

Unlock the Power of Broadband Bonding for Unbeatable Bandwidth!

By combining multiple connections, you can experience a remarkable boost in network performance and bandwidth availability for both internet access and site-to-site connectivity. Let's illustrate with an example: a 'typical' FTTC broadband line providing 50Mbps in download and 15Mbps in upload. With three lines bonded together, you get an incredible 150Mbps download and 45Mbps upload, an improvement of up to 300%! With our Broadband Bonding subscription starting at just £17 + VAT per month per line, along with the initial equipment purchase, you can unleash the full potential of your internet connection. It works seamlessly with DSL or Fibre Broadband lines from any provider. Don't let limited bandwidth hold you back; embrace the power of broadband bonding today!

Unlock the Power of Broadband Bonding for Unbeatable Bandwidth!

By sourcing broadband lines from multiple trusted suppliers, we ensure unwavering reliability and resilience for your network. This strategic approach safeguards against specific ISP-related issues, mitigating potential disruptions to your connectivity. Should an unfortunate line failure occur, our multi-line setup ensures uninterrupted service, as the active lines seamlessly take over.

How Much Is Broadband Bonding?

Our monthly subscription broadband bonding service is tailor-made for smaller organizations and teleworkers, ensuring seamless and efficient connectivity.

With the ability to bond up to EIGHT lines, our pricing starts at an incredibly affordable £17 + VAT per line, per month, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. The initial equipment outlay is typically less than £300 + VAT, saving you both time and money.

We also offer a 'pay monthly' scheme with no initial outlay required. Starting at just £75 + VAT per month for TWO lines on a minimum 12-month contract, you can experience the benefits of broadband bonding without any upfront costs.

Can existing broadband lines be used?

Yes! Our broadband bonding services can be used with lines from any broadband provider. Existing lines can be easily bonded with additional lines to create high-speed connections. For resilience and redundancy, we recommend that lines be sourced from different suppliers to protect against failure within the broadband providers infrastructure.

Leased line replacement?

Broadband Bonding is an extremely cost-effective alternative to a ‘traditional’ leased line, lease lines can take an extensive amount of time to install never mind expensive, are typically subject to a multi-year commitment and costs many thousands of pounds. This financial commitment is a significant cost for any business and affects the flexibility of the network potentially preventing the business from adapting to change.











Leased lines 

Satellite connections.


Mix & Match

Line types can be ‘mixed and matched’ to suit specific requirements including resilience, disaster recovery, cost-saving and ‘bandwidth on demand’.

What Type Of Broadband Lines Are Supported?

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